Tambourines! Shake, Shake, Shake!

Decorating Tambourines Make your own musical instrument and have fun combining art, music and rhythm! Sound out syllables and rhymes! Have fun, get off your feet and shake, shake, shake to the rhythm of the music. Tambourines are one of the world’s most ancient instruments and are easy to make and enjoy. They are great for active play and get children (and adults) interacting in group movement.

Make homemade tambourines using thick paper plates, or purchase the simple paper mache tamborine kits shown in the photos below. Both are inexpensive choices that can be easily painted, decorated and personalized. To make your own tamborines purchase thick paper plates, a hole punch, cord for stringing and large dried beans.

To assemble each tamborine, place two plates facing each other with a cavity or space between the two plates. Hole punch the rims of both plates and weave together the two plates using an “in and out” stitch with pipecleaners or tipped yarn. Staples will do the same job for older groups.

Decorate with colorful paints and collage material – the more colorful and lively, the better. After all, tambourines are about music and movement and celebration – so be creative with the paints and collage materials you provide.

Attach bells along the rim if you have some, or string ribbons from the edge. Decorate and shake, shake, shake!

Tambourines often inspire even quiet, shy folks to get “into the beat.” So find some good rhythmic recordings, vary the beat and see how these colorful tambourines provide creativity, pleasure and movement.

The tambourine kit shown here is sold by Discount School Supply, Item #JINGLEKIT, set of 12 for $8.95.

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