Shrink Art

Shrink Art Shrink Art, often referred to as “shrinkies,” or “shrinky dinks,” are wonderful and charming miniature works of art created on shrinkable plastic. The little finished products can be used for jewelry, keychains and small charms.

Shrink ArtThey are very inexpensive to make and are enjoyed by children of all ages who enjoy drawing and working on small scale projects. Lillie and Victoria, both 7 years old here, developed a streetfair business called “Happy Charms” where they sold their original shrink art designs for fun and profit. Download the lesson plan for Shrink Art Charms here.

3 thoughts on “Shrink Art

  1. I like to make shrink art with my kids at home, too. We use zig-zag scissors for the edges and hole punches that have shapes to them for a neat effect.Janie, Ft Collins, Colorado mom

  2. My sister surprised me last Christmas by pointing out the ShrinkArt ornaments I’d made for her about thirty years ago.Still treasured. What a simple art form to create such lasting memories. I really appreciate skills and activities that go beyond the moment.Thanks,Sarah Hester

  3. Hands-on indeed is the way to go. Children get engaged more with hands on learning methods and if you combine art with it, that's even better! Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) is a non-profit organization that transforms teaching through the use of engaging ‘hands-on’ educational activities that inspire the joy and discovery of learning. RAFT has over 200 workshops a year and our upcoming workshop is on shrink Art on February 4th, 2012! Be sure to check out this workshop. For more information go to

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