Poetry Paintings

Make beautiful abstract color spray paintings using Liquid Watercolor on fabric and then add a poem on top. This fabric was sprayed, drizzled and also dripped with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor using trigger spray bottles and eye droppers. Let it dry, then add a second layer of details such as the hearts shapes you see here. (This last step is optional and can be eliminated with younger groups). Lastly, select a poem from a poetry book, or write your own poem, and use permanent markers or puffy paint to write a poem on top. Stretch around cardboard to mount, or hang from a dowel.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Paintings

  1. Hello,YOU really have some wonderful ideas.I have been painting in watercolor for many years.This watercolor poetry idea will make children so happy and proud to use both art and creative writing .What a imagination you have.Artist in love with your ideas’.

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