Paper Towel Art

Have you noticed how beautiful “clean up rags” can be once they are saturated with colorful paints? This is particularly true with Liquid Watercolor(tm), which has the added benefit of being completely 100% washable. These beaufiul colored rags are paper towels that have been soaked with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor using eye droppers or “pipettes”. Use them in collage, mixed media pictures or to mount by themselves onto black construction paper.

2 thoughts on “Paper Towel Art

  1. Now, that is a creative observation! I hadn’t noticed. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I may even play with those paints(at least with the four-year-old grandchild). About twenty years ago I was doing some watercolor paintings, and I noticed how beautiful my pad, that I tested the color on, was. In fact the pad looked a whole lot better, (more painterly) than my painting. You know, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (scientist) said that creative thinking was looking at the same thing as everyone else, and thinking something different. That’s what you did. Well done!Thanks.

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