Cooperative Fabric Murals

Using a combination of BioColor® and Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, the staff from Stephen S. Wise Preschool in Los Angeles had a great time… Jackson Pollock style.

Working together, they created large canvas welcome banners to hang in their school and welcome new students. To help create the look, the educators, in addition to paintbrushes, used the One-Grip Paint Brush and the BioColor® Paint Scraper to spread the paint and watercolor over the canvas – mixing the colors and creating a colorful base.

These banners were created on light canvas, but you could also use old white sheets, remnant fabric or even the Cooper- ative Mural Art paper panels.

2 thoughts on “Cooperative Fabric Murals

  1. The project is a great idea! The only thing I would do differently is let children do it instead of teachers. It sounds like it was to welcome students so they were not there yet; however, maybe the teachers could have some of their own children come in to do it. With just a little supervision, it would be so much fun for them and be child-generated instead of teacher-generated.

  2. I feel it is a wonderful thing for teachers to let loose, create and have fun. Such a great bonding time. Sure, a project like this is fun with kids but sometimes, it just can’t always be with the kids. Working with children is a huge responsibility and teachers can forget to be creative themselves. Way to go, teachers!

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