Winter Holiday Arts n’ Crafts

This time of year we often think of ways to decorate our homes and classrooms for the winter holidays. We also think of making handmade gifts. Shrink Art can fulfill both these valuable goals. Children can make shrink art ornaments as decorations and since it is made from children’s drawings, symbols and colors from any culture or holiday can easily be created.

Just what is Shrink Art? Shrink Art is an inexpensive plastic sheet, the size of standard notebook paper. To make Shrink Art, a child draws onto the plastic sheet with fine-line markers, fills in the drawing with colored pencils, and then an adult bakes it briefly in an oven. The baking process shrinks the plastic to a quarter of it’s original size and converts the drawing into miniature size. The charm of these “miniatures” always brings a smile. Turn your children’s art into lasting treasures this winter. Learn more about Shrink Art Charms.

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