Collage: ABC’s of Good Living

This bright tissue paper collage is made all the more appealing by inspirational word phrases which are glued onto the colored surface. First cut out a shape from white cardboard or use a precut white tagboard surface. Next, water down white glue in a small container (start with 1/3 glue, 2/3 water and test). Then, take a brush and cover your cardboard shape with the glue/water mix. Add torn or cut tissue paper on top, and build up layers of tissue, adding more glue/water mix as you go. Note: The example here uses Colorations® Designer Patterns tissue, but any colored tissue paper will do. Then, add glitter paint for sparkle. Last, but certainly not least, cut out the ABC’s of Good Living and glue your favorite phrases on top. Makes a lovely, inspirational gift and can be created on any paper size or shape, even a paper plate.

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