Ice Tunnels

While the first days of autumn are still bringing us some warm sunshine, get out some ice and enjoy the final days of warm weather by combining Liquid Watercolor with blocks of ice and simple kitchen salt. This makes a wonderful blend of sensory play and science and is a fun way to capitalize on outdoor play.

Simply freeze blocks of ice in various plastic containers or paper cups, empty them out onto an art tray (or sand & water table), then pour on lots of table salt. Sprinkle on Liquid Watercolor and watch what happens over the next 30 minutes. The salt will corrode tunnels into the ice and allow the watercolor to seep into the crevices and tunnels, creating a sensory delight. Hold samples up to the light and peer through them. Is this the greatest sensory play, or what? And is it art? What do you think? What do you think this activity might have in common with light reflecting through glass in a stained glass window? Or a prism? Have fun and enjoy the final warm days of the year.

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