Child-Sized Art Gallery

Don’t forget to display children’s art at their own eye level. This “gallery space” is a great example that uses black butcher paper and black constuction paper to create a dramatic background for preschool artwork. The gallery is further enhanced by combining 3-D art (coffee filter art) with 2-D art (paintings and yarn collage). Change out your art
displays as often as possible – and make sure everyone’s art is represented.

This second photo shows what hangs overhead in this same room, a 3-D hanging display of CD covers painted with BioColor®. These simple but effective gallery display ideas are from the Hill n Dale Preschool in Santa Monica, CA.

2 thoughts on “Child-Sized Art Gallery

  1. What a wonderful use of space! It is so important to post work at children's eye level, however most schools have bulletin boards at are at the eye level of adults, not children. Why is that?

  2. I am glad you said that about posting art at children's level. The environment is centered around them but so often when it is constructed it has adults in mind.Unless the schools philosophy is upheld by all involved about what that truly means-you will most likely get mixed signals & so will the children.Beautiful artwork!

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