Fall Crafting Fun – Colored Glue Leaves

Something fun to do with young children this time of year is explore the seasonal changes we see all around us. Whether you live in states where autumn colors abound or not, one commonality during the fall is falling leaves. In the yard, on the streets, at school– it’s easy to spot some leaves on the ground someplace. This Colored Glue Sun Catchers craft is a classic, but a favorite. It gives children the chance to explore light refraction and reflection and color blending, and each student can make a leaf as unique as they are. Here’s how we make them:
1. Fill a 2oz. Nancy Bottle™ filled with clear glue and add a few drops of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor.
2. Stir with a craft stick to mix.
3. Apply the colored glue onto a sheet of acrylic in leaf shapes or use patterned rubbing plates and allow to dry flat for 24-48 hours.
4. When completely dry, peel off and make a small hole for hanging.
5. Try using different colors in a pattern for a unique effect.

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