Multicultural Crafts from Russia

I just returned from a family vacation in Russia and picked up some wonderful arts & crafts. Don’t you love these fabric art pictures and this sweet 14-year-old Russian girl who made them? I met her in a small village outside Moscow and her two fabric pictures were so charming, I had to buy them both. After all, how often do you run across a 14-year-old entrepreneur whose work is this original?

They are made from such simple materials: fabric scraps, markers, and glue – amazing! I just love it when I find a new form of art, especially when it’s been created by a young person. And that’s the beauty of foreign travels, they take you on adventures where you meet amazing people and discover creative new things about other cultures.

And how about this little wooden Russian Nesting Doll, which I decorated myself with watercolors and colored pencils at a cultural center for tourists. I had fun and felt right at home participating in local arts & crafts activities. They sell pre-painted nesting dolls all over Russia, but I never had to buy a set because I had the pleasure of painting my own. What an unforgettable souvenir!

If you are fortunate enough to take a vacation this summer, don’t forget to bring home local handicrafts to share with your classroom. Multicultural Crafts are one of the best ways children can share in and appreciate the everyday lives of other people from around the globe.

You’ll find plenty of multi-cultural arts & crafts projects in Discount School Supply’s section on multicultural crafts.

Or, try out my Smart Art Lesson “Native American Spirit Sticks” – attached here.

Have a great summer!

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