Craft Stick Faces: More than Just Smiles!

Teachers had a great time making Craft Stick Faces at the Discount School Supply NAEYC booth last week, and this economical craft project is SO creative! Collage materials of all sorts adhere easily to the blank wooden craft stick faces, and design possibilities are endless. Try out a few new collage materials, and combine them with what you already have on hand. This project is small enough that you can use up bits and pieces of fabric scraps, yarns, dried beans, or any number of crafty odds and ends. A variety of collage elements will inspire unique designs.

Take a look at some of these creative ideas, and imagine the fun your children will have. Turn Craft Stick Faces into “self portraits,” use them in dramatic play as puppet figures, or introduce them as a way to help children express their feelings. One teacher at NAEYC created a happy face on one side, and a sad face on the other side, I really loved THAT idea! There’s nothing like an arts & crafts break during a long conference to help people relax and enjoy themselves.

To get this particular range of collage effects, see the recommended materials below. I especially recommend the wonderful Tacky Glue Pens, which you’ll use often in other classroom projects. You’ll also love the Fantastic Foam Stickers – they are bright, fun shapes that stick to any surface and are easy for young children to manipulate. These products are what I call “incredible values” that you’ll use with pleasure, again and again.

Thanks for checking in, I hope you enjoy the NAEYC photos!

Recommended Materials for Craft Stick Faces:

Craft Stick Faces – Set of 20
Tacky Glue Pens – Set of 24
Fantastic Foam Stickers – Set of 24
Black Wiggly Eyes – 1000 Pieces
Super Lightweight Air-Dry Putty – White
Mini Pom-Poms – 500 Pieces
Rainbow Feathers Classroom Pack – 8 oz.
Rick Rack Ribbon – 150 Feet
Crayola® Multicultural Washable Markers – Set of 8
Colorations® Tropical Chubbie Markers- 8 pieces

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