Creating a Place for Peace: The Quiet Corner

anna quiet corner 1

Children need a place they can retreat to when they need to think, rest, or just decompress. Quiet corners give children a place to calm down and recover from the sensory overload of the classroom.  Do you have a calm and relaxing quiet corner in your classroom? With a fresh new year upon us, it’s a perfect time to create something new or improve your existing “cozy corner.”

anna quiet corner 2

Here are some quiet corners that may give you fresh new ideas to de-stress your classroom. This quiet corner at Pressman Academy includes plants, soft lighting, artwork and soft butterfly pillows. Does it warm your heart? Does it make you feel safe?

anna quiet corner 3

Quiet corners benefit from soft drapery that foster feelings of security and protection. That‘s a key benefit of the My Little Haven Canopy which hangs in Catherine Scott’s Family Child Care.  This product creates an instant quiet corner for just a $50 investment. If you’ve been wanting to create a quiet corner but haven’t had the time, this product is for you, it hangs immediately with no assembly. Just add soft pillows and books….voilà!

anna quiet corner 4

Quiet calm is also provided in reading areas, where soft furniture can encourage rest and relaxation. This reading area is so relaxing, it serves double duty as a quiet corner. A cozy reading space provides children who struggle to focus a quiet place to learn.

anna quiet corner 5

Dr. Becky Bailey, a leading expert on reducing stress in early childhood, just published a new book called I Can Calm. Her book promotion states: “Children who are stressed or upset cannot access the higher brain states necessary to problem-solve or learn. The I Can Calm book includes six simple deep breathing techniques proven to help shut off the fight or flight response.” What a timely book for us all.

anna quiet corner 6anna quiet corner 7

While quiet corners and reading centers provide children with a quiet space to deal with feelings, another calming classroom tool is the sensory table. Soft sensory bin materials provide children with the opportunity to self soothe through tactile stimulation. The sensory bins pictured here are filled with rainbow pom poms and pink Bubber™ with , both sensory products that are good choices for their potential to reduce stress.

anna quiet corner 8anna quiet corner 9

Lastly, here’s the Hideway Log Chair with Cushion, my personal favorite. This unique “cozy pod” comes with a removable “leaf” cushion and folds flat for storage. Like the My Little Haven Canopy above, it transforms any place in your room with a quick calming solution.

Young children often deal with conflict, frustration and over stimulation. Teaching them to take time in a quiet space now to deal with those feelings is a skill they can benefit from now and in the future.

What do YOU do to provide children with message, “I can calm”?  Please share your ideas with us here, so we can all have a more relaxed and stress free 2013.

Jan Blog Take What U Need LOVE

Enjoy a print out of this “Take What You Need” poster and have a wonderful start to the New Year.

Materials Used:
Hideaway Log Chair with Cushion (BURROW)

My Little Haven Canopy (HAVEN)
Woodland 10″ Pillows – set of 6 (WOODPIL)
“Calm-Down Time” Board Book (CALMDOWN)
Medium Best Value Sand and Water Activity Table (LWTAB)

Rainbow Striped Pom Poms – 200 pieces (COLORPOM)
Big Bag O Bubber™ – 30 oz bag (BIG30)

* Brought to you by Discount School  Supply®

4 thoughts on “Creating a Place for Peace: The Quiet Corner

  1. Wonderful. I’m so happy to read this. When I get moved and have my own house I’m creating a place of peace for my grandsons to go to if they want when they’re visiting me.

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